Finally – Thursday 3rd January 2019


Finally, we have snow. I was starting to think it was never going to happen. We don’t have all that much yet, but we do have some. I got so excited yesterday morning to wake up to it and think I was going to be the first footprints in our back garden. You’re not going to believe this, but Timmy the cat had had the audacity to beat me to it. I was so disappointed. Fair enough for him to walk all over his own garden or even in the field behind the house, but not in my garden! Mum said that’s cats for you, but I’m planning to try explaining to him how disappointed I was in the hope he’ll understand.


Then we went for a walk with Mama and her human was throwing snowballs for us to chase. It’s so frustrating as every time you chase the ball and every time when you get there it’s gone. It was great running in the snow with Mama. She told me that we’ll get an awful lot more snow than this and I should actually make the most of there being so little. In England we’d have this amount of snow and then it would disappear again. If I’m honest I’m feeling quite excited about seeing some more.


Mum took a panorama photo and I made an amazing discovery. If I run round in circles while she’s doing it, I can seem like several dogs all at once. I know this won’t look quite right but I thought I’d try to show you anyway. In one place I actually look like half a dog, but I’m definitely a whole one.

How many dogs


Mum has also said if we get enough snow while we’re here, she’ll help me to build a snowman on the little balcony outside our office in the house. I want to make it look like it’s sitting at the table having a cup of coffee, but Mum says that might be too much work.



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