Getting excited – Monday 25th March 2019

Getting excited

I know you think I’m always getting excited and that’s probably true, but I’m definitely getting excited as we speak. Dad will be home at the end of the week so there’ll be lots of extra cuddles. On top of that we’ve got our first fun day of the year. You could come and join us if you’re free. It’s next Sunday. I’m going to see lots of friends and family that I haven’t seen for a while. I just can’t wait. It’s a great opportunity to run around madly and misbehave without anyone getting the least annoyed with me. What could be better? Well, obviously Dad coming, but I meant apart from that. After fun day we have to drop Dad at the airport before we come home, so that won’t be so exciting but it won’t be for long as I’m already packing my case for my next trip to Switzerland.

Last laugh

Originally Mum planned to travel to Switzerland right at the beginning of April, but she said that with Brexit there could be travel chaos so we’d be better to wait a couple of weeks. Of course, the last laugh is that now Brexit has been put back by a couple of weeks too so unless something happens to change it, we might find ourselves in travel chaos anyway. I guess whatever date we pick at the moment could very easily go wrong. We’re all rather hoping that someone will see sense and revoke Article 50 so we can stay in the EU. Miracles do happen sometimes!

Looking ahead

We’re all really excited looking ahead this year as it looks as though there might be at least two litters of our breed born in the UK this year. It’s been ages since there have been puppies and we just can’t wait. Sadly they won’t be in our house, but that doesn’t matter. We can’t wait to be able to bring you reports of what is happening. I wondered if Mum would let me be a roving reporter and go and interview the stud dogs and the mum’s to be.

Have a great Monday



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