Spring is sprung – Tuesday 26th March 2019

Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung is most definitely true at the moment. There seems to be birds singing everywhere. Frogs dying on the roads. There are daffodils, tulips and lots of other flowers all fighting for attention and now the blossom is coming out on the trees. All in all, it’s pretty good out there. I’ve got to an age where I didn’t really know if I’d see another spring and I am so happy that I can as it’s a lovely time of year. Ari is particularly pleased with the magnolia and insisted on showing it to us all. He says only a couple of year ago it only had one blossom in it and now just look. He does like his garden and goes round checking on it all the time.

Going down stairs

I’m pleased to say that whilst I really am struggling going down stairs now in a morning, our Mistress and I have worked out a way to make things work. If she puts my harness on me then she can bear some of my weight and if my back end slips a bit it’s not such a big deal. She has to wait for me to limber up a bit first. I walk up and down the landing to get my legs moving and then when I’m ready I go to her on the stairs. It’s working quite well so far. Once I’ve got my legs working I can cope for the next few hours, so going to the back door is not so bad.

Playing ball

On her walk yesterday Wilma asked if she could take a ball and run after it. She misses having other dogs to run with, so it seemed like quite a good idea. She started off really well, bringing the ball back to our Mistress and putting it in her hand. After that things went awry and Wilma kept leaving it in the wrong place so our Mistress refused to throw it for her until she learnt some manners. That was the end of the ball game. Our Mistress says she’ll take the ball thrower today so she can pick it up without bending down. If she bends down more than a couple of times she gets dizzy and falls over so I think that’s probably a good idea.

I’m off for my swimming lesson.

Have a great Tuesday