We don’t want to leave the EU – Wednesday 6th March 2019

We do not want to leave the EU

Mum and I have been talking and we really don’t want to leave the EU. To be fair, we’ve never wanted to leave the EU, but yesterday the reality of some of this stared us unpleasantly in the face. I do not like to have to be stared at by men with guns. Mum certainly doesn’t either. At least when they met me they smiled and decided we were ok, but that wasn’t the point. First of all we met the lorry protest taking place at the port of Calais. There were long lines of vehicles being held up to make the point that there were not going to be enough staff to deal with things in a few weeks. To be fair, the French Police seemed to have things well under control and were trying to keep car traffic flowing, but it was still slower to get through.


My check in was fine and so was passport check for Mum. Then we had soldiers with guns who wanted to make sure we didn’t have any other people in the car. I said to them ‘Trust me, I’d have barked if anyone strange had tried to get in,’ they seemed convinced and left me alone. Then we had the customs officers asking if we were carrying any tobacco products or cash over 10,000 euros. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we still in the EU at the moment? I’m guessing they were just practicing. Anyway we weren’t carrying anything interesting. I wondered if I needed to declare my Bonios but was relieved to find I didn’t. They are building more offices for all the customs people that will be needed once we aren’t in the EU.

We do not want to leave

The thing is – we don’t want to leave. What can we do? We want to carry on being part of the EU and work with our friends to build a better Europe. This is really not going to end well!



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