Tricks – Monday 3rd June 2019


Mum has got it into her head that we should all learn a new trick. She might have used the word ‘skill’ when she put it to us, but it amounts to much the same thing. Now the question is what shall we learn? Aristotle’s first question was actually ‘Do I have to?’ but that didn’t get him very far. I have to be honest and say I do quite fancy the idea. I rather like learning. Most things I can pick up quickly as long as she makes clear what she wants me to do and as long as I get a reward at the end. She has suggested two for me. ‘Bed’ in which I have to go and lie on a particular mat or bed when she says so of ‘Box’ where I have to put something she gives me into a box. I think we’ll start with Bed and if I get that one we’ll move on to Box. It’s going to be fun getting the treats if nothing else.


Apparently we might get some sunshine today, so Mum says she wants some time outdoors. She is feeling very tired and thinks some fresh air and sunshine will do her good. Of course, we’re all volunteering to join her. I’m hoping it’s going to mean the chance of a good walk as well as some sitting around in the garden. I don’t think she’s strictly speaking planning to just sit around, but that is what we have in mind. Aristotle has got it down to an art form. I find it rather harder and seem to need to move much more. Alfie just fancies a bit of a nap in the sun and Shadow says she gets too warm, so she’ll look at the sunshine from the comfort of the shade. One way or another we will all quite enjoy it though.

Have a great Monday



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