Friday Flashback – Friday 1st February 2019

Friday Flashback

Well it’s Friday Flashback once again so here I am.

Well this is what Alfie wrote about when he was just a puppy. The incident had a lasting effect on him and he still hates Jack Russells. It actually was the beginning of him getting very distressed around a number of dogs. And that was before he was bitten by a chocolate Labrador!


We met another lady walking a dog today. It’s very exciting when you are 11 weeks old to meet another dog, so I duly rolled in the dirt to show my appreciation. Then the indignity of it, while my owner was busy talking to the other lady her dog climbed on my back and I wasn’t sure whether I should be shouting out “I’m only 11 weeks old” or “In case it has escaped your notice I’m a boy dog too.” Fortunately the other lady pulled him off. I hope that isn’t what happens every time I meet a new dog!

When he was a bit older, in 2010, Alfie spent the day getting a bit more philosophical

All right for the birds

I want to know why, early in a morning, it is all right for the birds to sing at the tops of their little voices, but it isn’t all right for me to go outside and bark at the top of my little voice. Ok, so my voice may not be quite as little and I might not sing in tune, but why should these rights be given to birds and not dogs? It’s bad enough when it’s one rule for humans and another for dogs, but when even the birds have got more rights than we have there is something very wrong.

I liked this bit too from 2014 when Shadow still had her third litter at home

An Update on Chekov

My Mistress is in love with Chekov. To be fair she is in love with the others too, but earlier today he was crying. She hated seeing him upset and so she picked him up and cuddled him and then took him into the other room to see my Master and Andy and to look out of the window at the big wide world. It was surprising really that she was so sympathetic towards him as earlier he had spat wormer all over my Mistress’s clean clothes. She had to go and change.

This picture shows Chekov torturing himself by falling asleep right in front a piece of food.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great Friday