Cool Coat – Friday 26th July 2019

Cool Coat

Well, thank goodness for my cool coat. Actually, it was Aunty Megan’s and I’m so grateful that Mum kept it. I don’t know what I’d have done yesterday and today without it. When the family are on holiday and all want to go out, I can’t really say can I stay at home on my own, so need to do my best. Mum puts me first all the time. The problem with that is she makes herself unpopular sometimes by doing it, but I’m grateful.

Birthday walk

We did start the day with a walk in the forest. We didn’t go that far as it was too hot. I was really sad about that as I was looking forward to the forest more than anything. Ok, there was one point where we had to stop and have a bit of a discussion along the lines of ‘does anyone know where we actually are?’ That was the point that Mum thought it best to turn around. They had brought water for me but not for themselves – how stupid are humans? The good news is that they have said that as long as the weather breaks as it’s supposed to, we can go for a long walk on Saturday.

Ice cream

We didn’t get me an ice cream while we were out. We went to a place called Bad Wildbad and it was so hot that we spent all our time trying to keep out of the sun. There was a lovely park with a stream and I did go in the stream, which was good. Anyway, after lunch Mum went to get the car so I didn’t have to walk in the sun again. It would have worked out so much better if Dad had taken me to meet her at the same place that Mum thought she was supposed to wait. Ok, so the other small problem was me howling as soon as Dad walked away from the place I’d last seen Mum. Why didn’t they explain to me what was happening? I panicked. I thought I wasn’t going to see her. We did get it all sorted out eventually.

Anyway, I had my ice cream when I got back so the main problem was resolved.

John Lewis

I do need to say thank you to John Lewis’s. Actually, I need to thank the Norfolk Terriers who tweeted them and led to their policy changing. Dogs can now go shopping with their humans in any John Lewis store. Mum is so pleased. I can’t wait to be able to go with her at home. We’re going to have a special trip just to say thank you to them.

Have a great day



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