Friday Flashback – Friday 23rd August 2019

Friday Flashback

Here I am again, looking back into the archive. Here we are back in 2009 when Shadow was just a puppy.

Shadow’s Career

I sat Shadow down and said that now she is six months old, it is about time she started to think about her career options. She just looked at me as though I was stupid. Then she said she already knows what she will be doing as my Mistress has told her that it is her job to have lots of puppies. Well I just sat and looked at her. It suddenly felt very unfair that I couldn’t be a stud dog and that I had to find a different career option. I would have enjoyed the chance to be a father. Still, it isn’t my fault or my Mistress’s come to that. It’s just one of those things. It seems a little unfair that it means Shadow can just concentrate on her appearance and doesn’t need to get her paws dirty working for a living.

The reality of all that is clear if you look forward to 2015. This was written by Aristotle in case you are confused.

Shadow not feeling great

Mum (Shadow) wasn’t feeling so great yesterday. She couldn’t face her breakfast and just wanted to lie down, although even then she was finding it hard to get comfortable. When she lies down now there is a whole section of her underneath that sort of spreads out to the side. The scan is really only going to confirm how many and that they are alright rather than whether she is pregnant. Either that or she’s a better actor than Laurence Olivier was! It will only be another five days until we find out and then the preparation can begin. Nothing will start until all our visitors have gone next weekend, but soon after that rooms will need to be moved round to make way for all the whelping box, pen and other things. It’s not going to be quite as easy to find places to put everything this time as there have been some changes since the last litter. I wonder where I’m going to be sleeping at night? Maybe I could sleep with our Master when our Mistress and Mum move downstairs in a few weeks. I think he might like that. I suppose Alfie is going to want to move downstairs to be close to our Mistress too so I’d hate our Master to get lonely.

Well that is all there’s time for. Have a great Friday.



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