So hot – Tuesday 27th August 2019

So hot

It is so hot! This is not the time for a dog to be travelling. Actually, that’s not true. The travelling bit is fine, it’s the getting out of the air-conditioned car that is the problem. You cannot believe how hot it feels under paw at service stations. We set off early yesterday and went to visit my grandparents. I did actually stay in the car there. I was completely in the shade with the back open and it was before the weather really got going. We only stayed an hour and then Mum took me to the next service station so I could get out for a drink and a walk. I think everyone thought the weather was too hot to do anything as there wasn’t as much traffic as we expected.

Fuel stops

Mum went back to her routine of only putting a little fuel in the car’s tank each time we stopped so that she could park under the canopies at the petrol stations as often as we needed to for her to get a coffee and go to the loo. Then when we got to Eurotunnel I went into the service station part with her and was as good as gold. It’s so much easier now I know the rules and have been to all the places before.

Driving further

Because it was going so well, Mum cancelled the hotel we were supposed to be staying in and then drove another 140 miles to one we use there. It was too hot for us to go for a walk, even by 7pm so she said we may as well be driving. We were both quite tired when we arrived at the hotel. Now we get to do it all again.

Early start

Mum is going for breakfast early so that it’s not too hot for me to be in the car while she does. Then we will set off once again. We don’t know how far we’re driving today. We may go to visit friends on the way and Mum was planning to take it easy. However, we may get to our house in Switzerland. I’m waiting to find out.

Have a great Tuesday



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