Spindle Cell Tumour – Saturday 28th September 2019

Spindle Cell Tumour

Alfie has a spindle cell tumour.

We got the results from the lab for Alfie’s lump when I went for my injections yesterday. It was not good news. Apparently, it’s something called a spindle cell tumour and it is malignant. There weren’t enough cells to be able to get much information on how aggressive a tumour it is, so at the moment all we know is that it may progress slowly and shouldn’t spread through his body. There may be others in neighbouring areas, so Mum will monitor him closely. One problem with it being on his spine is that we already think it might be causing some pressure and may account for some of the times his back legs aren’t keen to work.

He’d had another panic attack on Thursday night and was in a bit of a state, so Mum was already worried about him. She spent quite a bit of time with him on the kitchen floor, just comforting and reassuring him.

Important job

Mum sat me down and said it is her job to be there for Alfie, but it’s my job to be there for her. I’m on it. I didn’t get off to a glorious start as I was a complete coward at the vet for my jabs. In the light of the news that followed I feel a bit selfish. I’m just not good with pain. The bit that didn’t help was how much I wriggled when I had my kennel cough vaccine up my nose. Mum’s bad back had been quite a bit better until then, but apparently I’ve made it worse again.

Steak for tea

I can see a trend developing here and I think that trend will be spoiling Alfie at every opportunity. Mum says if he has only got a relatively short time left with us then she is going to make that time as good for him as it possibly can be. That meant her first job was to go to the butcher’s to buy him steak. He did let the rest of us have a very tiny amount, but he had a small steak all of his own.

I suppose I can’t really complain. Mum dropped my unbreakable bowl yesterday and not only did it break but she then cut her finger on the pieces. She said she’d buy me a new one and let me choose the colour. My new purple bowl is arriving today, which is so exciting. It is especially exciting as it will be the first time I’ve been bought a brand new one of my very own and haven’t had to make do with a paw-me-down. I hope she fills it with lots of food so I can really make the most of it.

Have a lovely Saturday


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  1. Lieber Alfie das sind schlechte Nachrichten. Wir hoffen sehr, dass Du nicht all zu starke Schmerzen hast. Wir wünschen Dir viele sonnige Tage und hoffen dass Du mit deiner Krankheit das Beste daraus machen wirst. In Liebe Maja und Fritz mit Whioopy, Tosca, Beija – Flor, Fenja und Fenn – Bailey

    • Danke. Ich habe ein bisschen Schmerzen. Aber jetzt ist es nicht schlecht. Ich bin nicht ein mutig Hund. Ich hoffe meine lieber person kann mir unterschutzen.

  2. Alfie,
    So sorry that you are having these health problems. I am sending you good thoughts and best wishes from Canada. Hope that you are enjoying all the wonderful care that your loved one is providing.


  3. Alfie,
    My dog, Jessie and I send you and your Mum our thoughts and prayers. It’s not nice to have these problems but so good to hear how you are being looked after so well.xxx

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