Top Pet Blogs – Saturday 2nd November 2019

Top Pet Blogs

Well it turns out we’re on of the UK’s top pet blogs for the third year running. The lovely people at Vuelio emailed us on Wednesday to let us know, and as I’m feeling a lot better I thought I’d be the one to drop by and tell you. It’s great news and we really are very chuffed. From their listing we’re actually number four in the UK, which means we’ve moved up a little since last year. Even I have had to concede that Wilma has done a very good job of taking over the day to day work from me. Obviously, Aristotle has done his bit too, but it’s been Wilma who has taken over most of it now. She’s not a bad little dog, a bit loud, but not bad.

Looking ahead

I’m in much better health than I was earlier in the week. Actually, if I’m being honest I feel better than I have done for a couple of weeks. It’s still wise to look ahead and I do feel that my diary will be perfectly safe in Wilma’s paws in the future. I think she wants to get our Mistress to do more with her on the travel front, so maybe she can make some changes of her own. I have to accept things don’t stay the same forever.

More good news

We’ve had Shadow’s blood test results and there is nothing wrong showing up. She’s developed a heart murmur but it seems to be nothing more than a valve becoming a bit leaky in old age. I know they all think of me as being the old dog around here, but Shadow will be 11 next February so she’s no spring chicken herself. She’s just got to carry on as normal but let the vet know if she starts getting out of breath or coughing when she exercises. She can still potter around the village menacing the local cats as normal, so she’s happy.

I’m having a quiet weekend while our Master and Mistress get to do some family stuff. I shall have a bit of a potter if we get some nice weather, but you can leave me out of the idea of getting wet.

Have fun


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