Too hot to do anything – Monday 11th July 2022

Too hot to do anything

We’ve all agreed that it’s too hot to do anything, so we aren’t. Ari spent much of the day lying on his cool mat in the hall. Mum puts it so he can look out of the window and watch the world go by. He’s quite happy there. He did complain as Mum didn’t open the gates yesterday so he couldn’t see so much of people going by. That was of course Mum’s intention, but it didn’t stop him complaining.

Shadow hasn’t totally got the hang of this whole cool mat thing. She was happy to have it as a pillow rather than for the rest of her body. Mum says she may put the cool coat on her over the next couple of days when it’s going to be even hotter still.

As for me, I’m not so daft. I’ve positioned myself in the bedroom near the air-conditioning unit and feel very comfortable. I can hear if Mum needs me, which is all that matters.

Paddling pool

I moaned about the paddling pool again yesterday. Mum sat me down for a frank chat.

“Now, be honest here, Wilma, did you ever go in the paddling pool when it was set up before the mice ate it?”

“Well, no, but I could have done.”

“Could have done, but didn’t. So, not having a paddling pool isn’t making any difference?”

“ ’spose not.”

“You could just imagine you still have a paddling pool, but still choose not to go in it and then nothing much has changed.”

It now means I’ve set up my imaginary paddling pool in the shade of one of the apple trees so it can also catch the apples for me to eat. I shall now proceed to ignore the imaginary pool and just eat the apples.



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