Photo Shoot – Thursday 7th November 2019

Photo Shoot

Last night was the second part of Alfie’s birthday photo shoot. He has become a bit like the queen in having an official birthday photo taken. I think he’s hoping to reveal the results to you on his birthday itself, which is of course next week. Mum is making plans for his birthday too and has promised us all steak as it is such a special occasion. We’re all pretty excited and more than a little impatient – for the steak if not for the results of the photos or the birthday itself!


We’re having a week with more visitors than normal. Thankfully it’s all people we know so we’re all happy about it. In some cases we’re very happy. Today James is coming to stay overnight and Shadow is beside herself with excitement. Now, I know what you are going to say, ‘Shadow is always beside herself with excitement, how can you tell the difference?’ Even Shadow has different levels of excitement and has a whole extra squeak she reserves for those she is nearest to. Basically, she goes bonkers. She makes the rest of us seem calm and restrained and that’s saying something.

Important role

Tomorrow I have to do another meet and greet for our breed. Mum has told me I don’t have to be on my best behaviour as last time I didn’t put a paw wrong and it gives a false impression. Being told I don’t actually have to be good is a bit of a red rag to a bull, or at least a red handkerchief to a cattle herder. I’m just wondering what exactly I can get away with in order to not push my luck too far. No dog wants to get grounded, but we do like the opportunity for a bit of fun.



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