Fasnacht – Tuesday 5th March 2019


You’re not going to believe when I tell you about Fasnacht. It’s the Swiss version of Carnivals that happen all over the world, it’s just that some thinks about it are rather different. Mum looked at the information on line and was sad that we were going to miss it. In our village it gave a time for one event of 04.00 ‘That must be a misprint’ said Mum. When we woke yesterday morning to the sound of drums and bells at before 5am she sat up and woke Dad by saying ‘It wasn’t a misprint.’ She didn’t get up and take me out to look though, which was a real disappointment. She has promised that next year she will make sure we are prepared and will go to lots of the events now she understands a bit more of what is going on. Sometimes it takes her a while to get the hang of things.

Our Drive

It wasn’t a very nice drive yesterday as it was really windy. Every so often the car would move in a direction we weren’t expecting and then there were times other vehicles did that and I had to put my paws over my eyes. When we got out my bowl nearly got blown away, which was even more worrying. Mum was just pleased that there wasn’t too much traffic on the road so it sort of evened things out. We listened to an audio book and the journey soon passed until we got to our hotel. It’s nice now it’s light a bit later. It meant we had chance for a reasonable walk in the light when we arrived.

The Gilet Jaune protestors were still at the same roundabout they’ve been at for a while. Oddly, rather than fires they’ve now built huts to give them some shelter and appear to have installed a port-a-loo! I guess they’re planning on staying a while.



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