Remembering Alfie – Sunday 13th November 2022

My naughty puppy today

Remembering Alfie

Today we will be spending time remembering Alfie. The 13th of November was Alfie’s birthday and so will always be a special day for us. He was a special dog and we all miss him. If it hadn’t been for Alfie then I wouldn’t be writing this diary. Mind you, if he hadn’t been the wonderful dog he was I don’t suppose Mum would have had the rest of us either. I hope that wherever he is now, the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, he’s pleased with what I have done. I’ve tried to continue his work. Not just with the diary, but looking after Mum too as that was his main job.

Working hard

We all spent yesterday working hard in the garden. I say ‘all’ but to be fair, Shadow didn’t actually do anything more than stand around looking confused. We cleared rotten apples, sorted out good apples and mowed the grass. I have to say that by the end of the day it was starting to looking considerably better than when we’d started. Mum’s app said she’d walked 21.5km by tea time and I’m sure running around after her I must have done at least that. As long as she’s not too tired, we will be back out again today. There’s still some grass cutting to do and a few apples still to clear. Then Ari wants to finish clearing his vegetable garden and measuring up for his new vegetables beds.

What’s next

There will still be the rest of the hedges, the edges and the weeding to do so we aren’t likely to get all of it done. Mum said it was a shame that Dad wasn’t here to help, but he’s half way back to Switzerland as I write this.

Once the garden is tidy Mum wants us to help putting all the fairylights up around the garden, ready for the big Christmas switch on. I do sometimes wonder why she does these things.



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