They have arrived – Thursday 21st November 2019

They have arrived

Well, they have arrived! My new jumpers are here and what’s more they actually fit. It might actually be a little big, but our breed is a funny shape when it comes to these things and if I had got a smaller size I would have had difficulty getting my arms through the holes. Mum did actually think that it might not be a bad idea for keeping Alfie warm, but the problem is his cancer is on his back and it hurts if you touch the area. He wouldn’t want a jumper on it. Besides, he does already have a dressing gown from swimming and a fleece if he really needs it.

I heard from my Mama in Switzerland that she is not impressed, but I just know when she sees it that she will want one of her own. I think I like the one with the reindeer on best.


Mum has said it’s the time of year for getting my Crufts entry in. I asked if I really had to as she knows we don’t do that well. She said I need to enter to support the breed and it won’t do me any harm at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do like being in the limelight and I just love coming home with a pretty rosette, but I really want to have the winning rosette and that’s just not going to happen with my teeth. When I said that to Mum she laughed and said it wasn’t really my teeth that are the biggest problem, it’s my lack of training. I said she should buck her ideas up then and try harder.

No snow forecast

I looked at the weather forecast for my trip and there’s no snow forecast at the moment. I am not happy. I want some snow. Mum has told me to be patient, but if you know our breed, you will know that’s never going to happen!




    • Thank you. You should see the ones Mum has got. We won’t match, but we’ll look pretty good together.

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