A Ramp For Alfie – Tuesday 26th November 2019

A Ramp For Alfie

The ramp for Alfie really is a huge success. He is so happy that he can spend some time in the office again. He has to wear his harness so that Mum can help him up and down the ramp, supporting some of his weight. When he gets into the office, he is so pleased to find a spot just to settle down near Mum and goes straight to sleep. I know that may not sound much, but when he is not with Mum he spends a lot of time feeling distressed and confused and can end up barking a great deal, so it’s a relief to all of us when he’s happy and settles down quietly.

Mum can’t leave him up there if she has to leave the room as he isn’t safe to make his own way down and does eventually try to follow her. The only problem is that he isn’t always keen to get up and go with her down the ramp when she needs to. It’s very hard to move 30kg of inert dog that really doesn’t want to get up.

Packing the car

Once I’ve finished this, Mum has said I need to get my things ready to pack into the car. We’re not setting off until later, but we’re going to see my human grandparents today on our way to Switzerland. I think Mum is going to be a bit emotional having to leave Alfie behind for a while, but he’s done his best to reassure us that he will be fine until we get back and really is quite well at the moment.

Shadow has said she will look after him too. She acts as a bit of a guide dog for him these days. He’s not blind, in fact his vision seems not too bad, it’s just he gets so confused and is much better when he has another dog to follow for what to do. It took him ages to find the way out of the open front door the other day, even with Mum and Shadow trying to show him.