Dereliction of duty – Wednesday 11th December 2019

Dereliction of duty

I’m being accused of dereliction of duty. I’d forgotten how hard it is to have to work. I’ve got much more used to sleeping for quite a lot of the day and here I am an only dog trying to look after our Mistress. I don’t mind telling you there have been one or two occasions when she’s managed to leave the room without my even noticing. That’s pretty good going when it involves her changing the boot she is wearing and getting hold of her crutches before she can move and she doesn’t move very often!

Christmas decorations

Anyway, I have managed to make a start on putting up the Christmas decorations. As you can see I started with mine and my Mistress’s Christmas stockings  and now anything else will be a bonus. My Mistress insisted I got Santa and the reindeer out and the little snowman on the mantlepiece was in the same bag, so he got pride of place. I strongly suspect that will be both the beginning and end of putting up the decorations, but it’s better than nothing and it makes the room seem a little brighter.

The best time

Actually, if I’m being completely honest, I really am having the best time I’ve had for a long time. I still cry when I realise my Mistress has left the room without me, although it can take a while for me to realise. There was one awkward moment when I woke up needing the loo and had to move from leg to leg and hope for the best while my Mistress got booted up to take me out. Apart from that, it’s going pretty well. I was so happily asleep I almost forgot my lunch so that would have been a crisis, but I remembered just in time.


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