Treat Hunt – Monday 13th April 2020

Treat hunt

Yesterday we had our Easter treat hunt. Disappointingly there were not as many treats as I’d hoped, but looking on the bright side Mum and Dad didn’t make them too hard to find. It was important for us to keep our noses to the ground and have a good search around the garden. I think in the end Shadow may have found more of the treats than I did. She was certainly a very happy dog at the end of the exercise. Aristotle was upset that he was left out. I suppose given that it’s my fault he’s injured in the first place I should have saved him one of the ones that I found. Unfortunately it’s a bit late to think of that now. I ate them all.

Shadow looking very happy after the hunt

Easter Eggs

Mum says she would have liked to do an Easter egg hunt, but sadly this year she doesn’t have any Easter eggs to eat. Given that she is the one who usually buys them for all the family she only has herself to blame. It does mean that none of the rest of the family has one either!

Plan for the week

Well in this house the plan for the week is pretty much the same as the plan for last week. We will of course be staying at home and enjoying time with our humans. I might see if they can devise some new games for us to play. If our treat hunt is anything to go by, they will have as much fun playing as I will. I might see if Mum will try the crime scene challenge with me again, as to be honest it’s a really good way for me to get more treats with very little effort.

How’s your week looking?



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