Rumbled – Tuesday 9th February 2021

Wilma in the snow


I’ve been rumbled. I’m not giving away my secrets though, not even to you. When Mum was cleaning our bedroom yesterday she found a secret stash of peanuts in my bed. Now, she knows I try to raid the bird feeder, but she has no idea how I managed to take any upstairs and hide them. I have put on my innocent face and suggested that the squirrel must have gained access to the house. I don’t think she believes me. Sad to say, my emergency midnight snack has been confiscated and I’m going to have to start again. Humans can be so tedious.

No Snowdogs

Yesterday’s snow was a big disappointment. There was not enough to make a snowdog. It was melting almost as fast as it was falling which is not a workable situation. It wasn’t really cold enough to stay around until it was too late to go out and play. Now I have to hope that today is a better option, but Mum says I need to be prepared to be disappointed.

Shadow is being annoying

Shadow now loves her new toy. She wants all her meals in it. She got it stuck under the table at the side of her room and she was so happy when Mum got it back out for her. There is just one small problem. No, make that two. One is that she now yips when it’s empty and she wants more to keep playing with it. The other, which is probably the same problem really, is that she is now asking for extra meals so she can play with it more often. I’m wishing her good luck with that one! Mind you, she’s not on a diet, which really isn’t fair. You would think with her gammy leg that she’d need to be on a permanent diet. I don’t suppose she gets the same opportunities to scavenge as I do, though. Maybe that’s the difference.



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