Cranial Closing Wedge Ostectomy – Friday 24th April 2020

Cranial Closing Wedge Ostectomy

Apparently, Aristotle has had a cranial closing wedge ostectomy. I’ll be honest, I don’t have the vaguest idea what that means. I do know that they have repaired his knee so he doesn’t need to cruciate ligament anymore, but as to exactly what they did, that’s a mystery.

What is apparent is that he is feeling very sorry for himself and has had quite a lot of hair shaved. He can only go out for toilet breaks and won’t be able to do very much exercise for a few weeks. He already had a bigger crate than either Shadow or I have, but Mum has said if he has got to spend more time in it then she is getting him a bigger one still, so he can at least move around for some of the time.

Missing Swimming

Shadow is really missing going swimming. She says her arthritis is worse. As soon as he can do some exercise Aristotle has asked to go too. Even though he pretends not to like it, he knows it does him so much good. Because of the problems with his front legs it’s a far better form of exercise for him than walking. I’d like to go too, but I don’t have an excuse. Mum says I should be glad I don’t have a medical need and I am, but it would still be fun. I’d quite like a pool party for all of us.

Waiting for Lia

We are all waiting for news from Lia of when she goes into labour. Her puppies are due tomorrow, so could happen at any time. It’s very exciting. I just want to send her all our best wishes for an easy labour and hope everything goes well. As soon as we get news we’ll let you know how many puppies there are and their names.



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