Reminiscing – Saturday 25th April 2020


Mum has been reminiscing. She was looking for which photos to enter into our Club’s annual photo competition. That meant going back through a year’s worth of photos. It was funny looking back to when life was normal. The good old days when Alfie was still here and we were able to go out and travel. We found some lovely pictures. As we got towards the date when Alfie died Mum got a bit sad, but I did my best to cheer her up.

In the end we found a couple of photos of each of us to enter. Now we have to wait to see if we get any votes. The winning pictures go to make up the Club’s calendar for the following year.

Reminiscing further back

One of our village friends found her wedding dress and put a picture up with her mowing the grass and wearing her dress. Another friend did one in her wedding dress cutting the hedge. Mum wondered if she could get into her dress so we went to find out. She felt really bad about it as she had told Alfie he could have his photo taken with her in her dress when Mum and Dad first got married and they never did it. Anyway, now we’ve got a picture of Mum and me and Alfie is sort of in it as well. The wooden box on the hearth has his ashes in. I know it’s not the same but it was the best we could do.


Aristotle is feeling sorry for himself. He is not allowed to go out very much at the moment and he’s finding that a bit frustrating. Mum has explained to him that if he starts to lick his wound too much then he will need to wear a collar, but he’s not keen on that idea. There is not really much room in his crate if he’s got a collar on too. It wouldn’t be so bad once he was in, but he might catch it on the doorway going in and out. Once his new crate arrives it won’t be so bad, but that won’t be for a few days.

What he is most upset about is that Mum also says he needs to lose the extra weight he’s put on. I think he’s moving onto the food I have so she can still feed him enough so he doesn’t sulk. She’s going to start mixing it into his normal food and will see how he gets on.



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