Kicking my paws – Saturday 20th June 2020

Kicking my paws

I’m just hanging out, kicking my paws today. It’s one of those ‘not sure what to do with myself’ sort of days. While it’s sunny I’m enjoying sitting outside but it would be so much more fun if the others would come out and join me. I think we’re all feeling a bit glum to be honest. Shadow keeps looking for Dad even though Mum has told her he’s not here. It’s almost as though Shadow just doesn’t believe her and thinks he’s going to turn up out of one of the rooms. Mum said I could help with some decorating, but I didn’t really fancy that. I thought she could do some cooking instead, but she didn’t fancy that.

Lia’s pups

My friend Lia’s pups are going off to their homes this weekend. I’m not sure if Lia is going to feel really sad or throw a party in relief. By the time they are all eight weeks old it can be hard work keeping up with them all. Anyway, this is where the new little Alfie’s journey with his human family will begin. We’re thinking of him and can’t wait to bring you his progress reports on how he gets on.


We had a lovely email from Dickens in the week. He is now sufficiently recovered from his surgery that he is back out on walks. He has to stay on lead, but I don’t know if that’s for his benefit or his human. His human has been recovering from surgery on her leg too, so it may be he is keeping her on a lead rather than the other way around. He sent us this lovely picture of him having a rest. I’m sure my tongue is not as long as that. I’m going to find myself a mirror to try to check.




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