He’s the Best – Wednesday 5th August 2020

He’s the Best

Little Alfie, he’s the best. Now I know that Dad has fallen in love with my nephew Johnny B. Goode, but we’re in love with Little Alfie here. Go on admit it, when you look at this picture you think he’s pretty special too.

He has now learnt to go to his bed when he’s told – it comes to us all. Mind you, that’s better than having to sit somewhere uncomfortable or be trodden on. The bit about being more comfortable has dawned on him too as he’s going there by choice. He doesn’t think the car is so bad either. That’s definitely a good move, little buddy. If you like being in the car you get taken out to places more often.


Shadow was feeling very poorly yesterday morning so asked to go to the vet. She had an anti-sickness injection and some antibiotics as a precaution. She’s also got some probiotics to try to help her tummy settle. We need to see if she’s feeling any better today otherwise she has to go back. What was funny was that the probiotic is a powder this time. Because she has the dry sensitive food it needed to be mixed in something for her to have it. Mum asked what she’d like. She said her first choice would be some yoghurt, but she didn’t think we’d have any with Dad not being her. You should have seen her face light up when Mum took a cherry yoghurt out of the fridge. There were two left when Dad went back and they’re still in date.

Seeing Friends

Yay, I get to see my friends today. I do so look forward to Wednesdays. I’m so pleased that Mum can take me and pick me up safely so I can go. It is the only time she goes out in a week except trips to the vet.



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