Not What I Expected – Tuesday 8th September 2020

Not What I Expected

When they said we were having two weeks holiday, this was not what I expected. When I think holiday I think ‘chasing a ball’. I think ‘long walks’, maybe even ‘bucket and spade’ or in my case digging with paws. What I don’t think of is ‘going round the house and replacing all the blown lightbulbs’ or ‘cleaning’. To be fair the lightbulbs thing was pretty entertaining. Mum decided it was time to replace two bulbs that sit inside mirrors in the bathroom. It is not the most straightforward task which is why it has not been done for a while – the ten years we’ve lived in the house!

Screw loose

If you are going to undo a screw about a sink plug-hole then it goes without saying that you put the plug in first. At least it goes without saying after you’ve lost the first screw down the open plug-hole. The job takes so much longer when you then have to search the house for a screw that might fit. For once, Mum was grateful that neither she nor Dad are very good at throwing anything away. In or house, if you search in enough places you are almost certain to come across a screw of roughly the right size. In this case it needed to have a matching thread and it probably tells you how much junk we’ve got when I tell you she succeeded in her search.

Humans are Very Weird

Today’s excitement is even more peculiar. It centres around the arrival of a table that Mum ordered way back in June. Apparently this is what she has been waiting for to finish her workroom. I have to disagree with her. I’ve been and looked and as yet there is no dog bed or settee in there so it cannot possibly be finished. I was hoping that this might give the opportunity for me to order a new bed, but I’ve been told I’m going to have to reallocate one from another location in the house. This is what happens when she goes and spends the whole budget on a table. Life just isn’t fair.



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