Please, can you help Lola? – Thursday 24th September 2020

Can you help Lola?

I wonder if any of you can help Lola? Lola has spent her life as a hard working assistance dog. She has recently been diagnosed with a sarcoma, which has been removed but is likely to return. She has also developed a condition called parathyroid hypocalcemia and is currently in hospital. Her owner has to meet all her costs and sadly the treatment has come to the end of her insurance allowance. Lola has spent years giving help to her human and has saved her life on a number of occasions. Now we’d like to help her owner saving Lola’s life. She is raising the money to pay for Lola’s treatment so she can have the retirement she deserves. If you can help by giving just a little bit we’d be very grateful. You can read all about it and make a donation HERE. If there is any money over after paying for Lola’s treatment then it will go to pay for the training of other assistance dogs through the wonderful Medical Assistance Dogs charity. Please help if you can. Even the odd pound, dollar or Bonio will help.

Waving Dad Off

Today we are waving dad off again. It’s not something any of us is happy with, least of all Shadow. Mum will, as usual, bury herself in work. I don’t know what Shadow plans to do. I think she’s hoping to be allowed to help Mum but I don’t think Mum is quite so keen. You see, it’s not that simple. Shadow, since her last bout of pancreatitis, hasn’t stopped farting. On the whole her tummy seems back to normal, but oh, how you smell her before you see her! By the time we leave the bedroom in the morning the air is heavy with the smell of Shadow’s farts. Mum says having that all day long too is simply too much to ask. I don’t think she has a choice!

Aristotle’s Behaviour

Meanwhile, Mum says she needs to deal with Aristotle’s behaviour. She asked him why he has taken to barking at her so much. He shrugged and said it was something to do. They are now discussing alternative ‘somethings’ for him to do that don’t involve barking. If I’m being honest, we all hate this time of year as the nights start to get darker and the days are more dismal. I get the impression it could be a very long winter. I hope we don’t annoy each other too much as there is going to be no one else around to break up the monotony of each other’s company. Don’t get me wrong. I never tire of being with Mum. It’s the other two who start to irritate me after a while. In fairness, I don’t think any of us is very good at sharing.

Staying positive

We just need to stay positive and focus on the fact things will get better. As a breed, we can be very focussed so it shouldn’t be too hard. We just need to get Mum to think in the same way.