Polly Christmas – Tuesday 1st December 2020

Polly Christmas

Isn’t Polly Christmas right up there on the cute charts? This is my little great niece Polly and she looks so lovely all dressed up.

Polly Christmas - Entlebucher puppy in a santa blanket

Mum has told us we all have to do some Christmas photos over the next few days. I don’t know quite what she’s got in mind but this is bound to be traumatic. I’m not sure if she’s going to risk getting the three of us together or make us do them separately. The problem when we’re together is we can get a bit boisterous. Obviously it’s the others rather than me, but given they both have bad legs it is rather asking for trouble if they start jumping around.

Some time off

Mum has asked us all what we’re really like to do over the holidays. It has to be things we can actually do, given we aren’t going out. Ari has asked to sit and watch Christmas movies. I think he’s getting soppy in his old age. I asked if we could spend the day outside in the garden, but oddly Mum seemed less keen on that idea. Shadow has asked if she can have a day with Mum all to herself, which seems a bit unreasonable. Mum says she quite fancies doing a jigsaw and is sorry that none of us had suggested that. Really? How many dogs do you know who like jigsaws?

Alfie liked jigsaws when he was small. He and Mum had different ideas of what it should entail and he used to like running off with pieces from the table. Now I think about it, this might be more fun than I was giving it credit for.

Ready for the switch on

I am all ready to switch on the lights this afternoon. Mum says we will go round at about 3.30pm. There is just one small problem. Tesco’s are due to deliver at that time so we may have to wait until they’ve been. I promise I’ll take some photos for you. I’m just not sure how they will come out.



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