Lovely Walks – Monday 30th May 2022

Lovely walks

I’m having lovely walks with Dad. It is doing both of us good. We are doing the loop around from our house, through the village and back around the other side. It takes about fifty minutes and it’s just perfect. Dad remembers to take me when it isn’t getting dark, so we haven’t had to run as I did with Mum when she misjudged the time. The others are envious, but neither Shadow nor Ari could walk anywhere near that far. When we set off I do tend to throw a bit of a tantrum asking for Mum to come too, but I get over it by the time we get to the gate and Dad explains patiently again that until her leg is better Mum can’t come.

Shadow update

Shadow ate all her meals on Saturday and Mum thought she was doing much better. Then she had a bit of a blip and didn’t want to eat on Sunday morning. Her tummy was feeling a bit off, but Mum thinks that may have been because of her tablets. She ate later in the day and was tired but not too bad. She’s finished her antibiotics and Mum is going to give her another day or so on the level of diuretic medication she’s on, before deciding whether she needs another scan of her heart. She is being spoiled rotten.

Poisonous plants

Mum and Dad have been doing an audit of all the plants in our garden. There are hundreds of different things and many of them are new to us. Some of them are poisonous. Mum isn’t happy about that at all. They found one that even alarmed Dad so that has now been removed and disposed of. Mum says that some of the others might go as well. She’s going to write some of the information up so I can share it with you.



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