Exercise Regime – Wednesday 20th December 2020

Exercise Regime

Shadow and Aristotle have both started a new exercise regime. Now that both of them seem to have had enough rest for their legs, Mum wants to build up their exercise. In an ideal world they would both be booked in for hydrotherapy. However, thanks to the fact Mum isn’t going out, that isn’t going to be happening just yet.

At the back of the house we have an area of paving. It’s quite a large area and in recent times Mum has nicknamed it the prison yard as exercising there seems to have some parallels. Shadow and Ari will be doing circuits of the yard every day. They started with five and will add one every day to get them stronger. It’s good for Mum too. I get to run around quite a bit, but Mum has said that once they have both got some of their strength back I can join them. I’m really looking forward to that. She has said I must not jump on them and that will be hard.

Meanwhile in Switzerland

Meanwhile in Switzerland, Dad has been enjoying going out walking in the snow. He was supposed to be going with Mama, Valeria and Megan yesterday but all the parking spaces were taken. He found somewhere to part later and went up my mountain. He’s meeting Mama and the others this morning instead. I wish I could be there too. It is getting very frustrating missing out on all the fun. I wondered if I could perhaps go and stay with Dad for a while so I can take part. Mum says she needs me here though. It’s good to be needed.

St Jost where Dad ended up walking as part of his exercise regime

It won’t be forever, at least that is what I keep telling myself. I shall really make the most of it when I can go again. I won’t take a single moment for granted.



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