Broken Glass – Monday 18th January 2021

Broken Glass

Mum has become paranoid about the broken glass. What broken glass? The one she dropped on Saturday, right outside the back door. Oh, it’s a long story. It was a container she was using to carry the bird seed round to the front garden. On balance, she has admitted that it was negligent dropping it outside the back door. Given she has plastic ‘glasses’ for her and Dad to use when they sit outside, it’s not as though she couldn’t see the risks. Anyway, I don’t suppose she needs me to point that one out. There was still snow on the ground when she dropped it. Not enough to cushion the fall, but enough to make the pieces hard to find. Mum started with a dustpan and brush and swept up a mixture of snow and glass, oh and bird seed.

So here’s the problem

Firstly the three of us don’t wear shoes and we really don’t want to stand on any glass. Secondly, I have a tendency to scavenge food and I really don’t want to find I’ve eaten any glass. Mum has become totally and utterly paranoid. She took the torch outside to see if she could get the beam to glint on any remaining pieces and did find a couple. Then she worried some more, so she searched again and found another couple of tiny fragments. Then she hosed the area down to wash any tiny pieces out of the way. She still wasn’t happy.

Next step

In the meantime we were all kept away from the area around the door. As Mum found a small piece of glass on the sole of her slippers after she’d taken me out yesterday morning she went back into full paranoia mode. She got the torch out while it was still dark and found another couple of splinters. Then she got the big yard brush out and brushed the area again. If she’s still missed any then it isn’t for want of trying, but she’s still told us she wants to avoid the area for a few days and she keep walking around looking at it, just in case she spots anything else.

The worst part is that she has brushed and washed all the bird seed away, so the extra meal I was hoping for has gone too. It also means our yard walking course is having to follow a different path, but we aren’t being excused from walking altogether. We are up to eighteen circuits now, which is pretty good for Aristotle and further than he sometimes used to walk when he went out properly.



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