Coffee Table Comparison – Sunday 17th January 2021

Coffee Table Comparison

I think it’s important to do a coffee table comparison. Mum has two outside coffee tables, one in England and one in Switzerland. They provide a great way of seeing just how much snow we’ve had. First off there is the English snow. We have had a couple of days of snow here in Yorkshire. It has disappeared or more to the point melted in between those days. It has been enough for even some vaccination centres to close and to cause problems on the roads. Now, let’s see just what that amount of snow in England looks like.

Coffee Table with snow in England
Aristotle with the coffee table in England

Then there is Switzerland

Meanwhile in my homeland of Switzerland it has been snowing quite a lot. The snow doesn’t melt in between. This is what Mum’s coffee table in Switzerland was looking like yesterday.

Coffee table in Switzerland with snow - for comparison

However, I am pleased to say that the roads are clear and other than the fact that no one can actually go anywhere due to Covid-19, life is running much as normal.

There is more snow forecast today and to be fair, it is a good job Mum isn’t planning to take me at the moment as where we usually park the car isn’t looking so good.

I suggested to Dad that he could carve a really good ice sculpture in it, but he’d probably need a chainsaw to do it and I don’t think he’d be safe with one of those.

The right amount of snow

The right amount of snow probably lies somewhere between the two. I would like there to be enough to play in and for Mum to build a snow dog with me. However, I don’t think it coming above my head height is exactly what I want. Mum says we’ve got more snow forecast here in a week, so I’ll wait to see what that brings before I complain too much.



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