Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite – Saturday 13th February 2021

Wilma with her Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite
Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite

Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite

Our Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite is a work in progress. Mum showed it to me. I thought it would be easy. All your human has to do to set it up is put something interesting under each of the little wooden covers. All you have to do is take the cover off and eat the treat. When I say ‘all’, I use that term very loosely. Oh, I could smell the treats. I knew where they were. What I could not do was work out how to remove the covers. Looking at it closely, well, not that closely, it seems one of us has tried chewing the wood blocks to get to the treats. Mum said she thought that was Aristotle when he was small.

I had a few goes and then barked at Mum in frustration, which somewhat defeated the object.

Aristotle’s turn

Ari had a go. I’ll show you how it’s done.’ He was very proud of himself.

You know what boys can be like. He did get one treat out, I’ll give him that. He used his paw to push it out of the way. What neither of us could get the hang of was using our mouths to lift the wood out. It confused Ari why there were no more treats in the wood he’d removed. That was quite funny.


Our first attempts, well my first and the first time Ari had used it in a while, were not promising. It bored me and frustrated Ari. I suggested to Mum that we needed to use higher value treats to keep our interest. She said we needed lots of practice in small bursts and for her to teach us how to lift things. Maybe a combination of the two would be good.

This one is more human intensive in the early stages. It won’t hold a meal so it is just a toy. If you are a patient dog it would be great. If you are good at using brute force it would be good for the first time. However, if you are impatient and gentle it’s going to be harder than it looks.

You can find this and the rest of the range HERE



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