Squirrel Crisis – Friday 12th March 2021

Squirrel Crisis

I know I should be bringing you a Friday flashback, but we have a squirrel crisis. The strong winds seem to have blown most of the dray they built out of the tree. There is a very sad looking pile of conifer branches and moss from the hanging baskets at the base of the tree. To be honest, the weather has been so bad that Mum isn’t surprised we didn’t seem them trying to do any repairs yesterday. I suggested Mum should get a ladder out and see if she could rebuild it for them, but she can fall over at ground level so the ladder wouldn’t be such a good idea.

Making a promise

It’s going to be windy again today, so Mum has asked us all to promise not to run off with any of the building materials the squirrels will need. It’s a good job she said something as I did have designs on some of it. The other two are more likely to help with the rebuilding work. Ok, maybe Shadow not so much, but Aristotle can be very helpful when he has a mind to.

Another thought

It has led Mum to have another thought. She was looking at squirrel nest boxes, but decided it wasn’t necessary. Now she’s thinking she might like to buy one for them. She’s only just put up the robin next box she was given for Christmas and that was a job in itself. That one has gone into the holly tree. The robins haven’t mentioned if they’re moving in yet or not, but give them time and hopefully they will.

Mind you, Mum did wonder if we should invite the squirrels into the house in the meantime. That would never work! For a start they would probably gnaw on the woodwork.



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