Mountain Air – Wednesday 14th April 2021

Mountain Air

What we all need is some mountain air – according to Mum. When she said it, I started jumping up and down. “I know the place. I know the place.” I so hoped she was going to say we could all set off. Sadly, all we can do is dream. Oh I know some things have opened up now in the UK, but it’s still not really safe to travel. Dad is at least home from hospital so I can stop searching the house wondering where he’s got to. I suppose the second best option would be lots of sunshine so we can all sit outside. I think I’d like that quite a lot. I did grab a chair yesterday hoping that Mum would join me, but she said she had too much to do.

Local Cat

Mum jumped out of her skin when she went out to feed the birds yesterday. Sitting under the bird feeder, amongst the bushes and not moving a muscle, was a black cat. It just stared at her. Mum wasn’t sure how much of a good idea it was to leave any food for the birds. She had a bit of a suspicion that the cat might be taking advantage of the enthusiasm of the birds to come to the feeder. Mind you, the previous morning it was the ducks waddling up and down waiting to be fed and they are probably big enough to chase the cat away. I guess it’s all about the pecking order and those ducks can really peck!

Shadow’s room

Shadow’s room is now all clean again. I have promised not to go in there, but Mum is now closing the dog gate so it isn’t left to chance. I know that I should know better, but sometimes this little devil in me comes out and takes over. It’s a good job Mum loves me the way I am.



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