You cannot fool me – Thursday 15th April 2021

You cannot fool me

Well Mum has found that you cannot fool me. A few days ago, when Dad went into hospital Mum was in the kitchen and had left the dog gate open. It was only when she heard the floorboards above her creaking that she realised where I’d gone. I was looking for Dad. That was when she sat down with me and explained he wasn’t around. Of course, now he’s home I want to see him. Mum did explain that he was quarantining from her again to make sure there is no covid risk, but I didn’t like that answer. When we went upstairs, I heard his voice, so I knew he was there. I got so excited. When Mum said I couldn’t go and see him I was upset.

Garden solution

Mum relented. The weather was good so they met outside for lunch and I went tearing out to see Dad and threw myself into his arms in true Entlebucher fashion. I don’t want Dad to be under any doubt just how much I love him. Shadow will be so jealous when she hears that I’ve been able to spend time with him when she can’t. She and Ari are staying in kennels all this week and to at least the beginning of next week. Maybe I shouldn’t tell her until she comes home. I just wish that Mum and Dad were both well enough to get back to us going for walks. I’m hoping they are very soon.

Food allowance

Now, I have to be honest here. The main reason I want to get back to lots of walks is my food rations. My allowance has been cut. Can you imagine how unhappy I am with that situation? No, I didn’t think so. It is just the worst thing that can happen to a girl with a healthy appetite. I’ve tried arguing that I’m running round helping, but that hasn’t had any effect at all. Let’s hope things improve soon!



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