Big News – Monday 26th April 2021

Big News

Mum and Dad sat down with the three of us yesterday and said they had some big news to share. I thought that maybe I was getting a puppy of my own to bring up, but it was nothing like that. Apparently we might be moving house. Now, for the three of us that is a pretty big thing. We like where we live. We love the places we live and we’ve all got our favourite people locally that we will miss very much.

Aristotle most upset

Of all of us, Aristotle is the most upset. Shadow and I have been through moving house before. We know it can be a good thing and we can end up with somewhere just as lovely to live. It will actually be better for Shadow as Mum and Dad want a house with fewer stairs as she struggles now and can’t do stairs safely at all. Aristotle was born in this house. It’s all he’s ever known. He had assumed he would always live here. I don’t think it helped when Shadow told the story of when she moved into this house from the house down the road. Mum only left her for half an hour but she was so stressed by the move that she shredded a settee cushion for good measure.

Where next?

We will be moving south from here if all goes to plan. On the good side it will mean we can see our grandparents much more easily and I think that is the main reason for going. On the bad side there is going to be a lot of change and a lot of work and I’m not quite sure what we’ll all have to do for that. We of course all asked the most important questions. Shadow asked if she can still come up here for her veterinary appointments as she trusts them to give her the best care. Ari asked if he could move in with one of our friends that he’s very close to and not move away at all. We all said we’d like to keep going to the same kennels if we need looking after. After that we started saying what we want in the new house.

Mum wrote down everything we asked but I don’t know if it will all be possible. She did say these things can take a long time so we shouldn’t worry too much yet.



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