Forgotten How to Be Wet – Wednesday 28th April 2021

Forgotten how to be wet

From how we all were yesterday I think we’ve forgotten how to be wet. It hasn’t rained for so long that when it suddenly started yesterday it came as a big surprise. You should have seen us all. Not one of us wanted to go outside. Mum kept saying things like ‘It will be good for the garden’ but I have to say she didn’t sound convinced. I guess it doesn’t help that not one of the three of us will go outside to the toilet unless she comes too. To be fair, I’m not so bad, I just forget what it was I went for and get distracted. Ari and Shadow totally insist Mum is on hand within sight or they will not go at all. We can be quite funny like that.

Alfie’s Fault

I think it goes back to Alfie pointing out to us all that it was unreasonable that we didn’t have an inside toilet. He said if we had to put up with going outside then the least Mum could do was come out with us whatever the weather.

Alfie spent much of his life campaigning for an inside toilet. He thought he’d won when he first encountered a Christmas tree. Oh the difficulties of being a dog in a human world.

Strange times

The weirdest thing for all of us at the moment, even more than the rain, is having to cope with people coming into the house. All the little jobs that have been waiting now need to be sorted out. You can imagine how stressed Mum is. I’m just keeping out of it. We have a good sniff afterwards, but that’s about it. It is very strange suddenly having so much going on when we had got used to absolutely nothing.