Raclette – Monday 3rd May 2021


We have found the perfect human meal to share with dogs – raclette. Oh are we happy dogs. Our humans have, two nights running sat down to have raclette. For the uninitiated it is a Swiss way of cooking. You have special cheese that you melt at the table and a hot stone that can cook things as you want them. We love it as it involves Mum and Dad having thin slices of steak that they cook as they’re ready.

Picture the scene – three dogs enjoying the smell of steak cooking over an extended period. The scent of melted cheese on the air. Mum did some carrot too, so we were all happy. Basically the whole thing is a begging dog’s paradise – unless said dog is on a diet.

When is a bank holiday not a bank holiday?

Mum got all excited that this is a long weekend. She thought that she and Dad could have three glorious days where he wasn’t working. What she had forgotten was that as Dad is working with people in Switzerland and this is not a Swiss bank holiday, he wasn’t going to have the day off. So today is a non-bank holiday on our house and instead we are looking forward to Thursday next week, which oddly is a bank holiday – although not in England! I’m wondering if I could put in a bid for another raclette.

Spoiled for choice

I’m spoiled for choice on what dog food to have at the moment. Aristotle changed his food and Mum had only just stocked up on his. She doesn’t want to have lots of bags of dog food to move when we sell the house, so she’s asked me to eat them. I’m game, or at least I was until she said it would be instead of my usual food and not as well as. How do I make a decision like that? It is actually even worse than that as it is higher in fat than what I have been eating so Mum is giving me less. This doesn’t feel like quite the win I thought it was.