Happy Aristotle – Saturday 15th May 2021

Happy Aristotle

We have one happy Aristotle in the house. Apart from Mum, his next favourite person came to see him yesterday. He had a socially distanced coffee with her in the garden. Ok, so Aristotle didn’t have coffee, that would be too much to cope with. He gave the happy Entlebucher yelps that we only keep for our very favourite people. To be honest when we do it, most strangers think we’re in pain, but we’re not. We only do it when we are very very happy. Shadow does it when Dad comes home and Aristotle does it when he sees Mum’s friend.

Apple blossom

He’d already been having a nice day enjoying the garden with Mum. The apple blossom is out on some of the trees and they were having a good look at it together. Mum loves apple blossom. She thinks it’s the prettiest type of blossom there is. I just like the apples that follow. I shall miss being here for the fruit but Mum has promised to plant my favourites wherever we end up living, so it will be fine.

Packing our bags

The three of us are having a short spell in kennels so that Mum and Dad can do some house stuff without us. I can’t wait. I’m going to share a kennel with Shadow. I just hope she doesn’t get too grumpy with me. Ari laughed when I told him. He hates sharing with his mother, she can still be mean to him even though he’ll be ten this year. Mum doesn’t like Ari and me sharing because we tend to have too much fun and one of us ends up hurt. I never quite know how it happens.

I’m off to make sure I’ve got my favourite cuddly toy and bed packed. I’m not going just yet, but it’s good to be prepared.



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