Alfie and his siblings – Friday May 14th 2021

Alfie and his siblings

It is ages since I’ve done a flashback so here we are with Alfie and his siblings. Alfie was six months old when he and the rest of his litter had a meet up. Some of his older half-siblings were there too. Mum can still remember the day, even though it was fifteen years ago.

Alfie and his family – 2006

Yesterday has to be the most exciting day since… well, probably the most exciting day ever. My mum, my three sisters, my brother and two of my half brothers were there. There was so much to catch up on. I realised I am going to grow quite a lot more if my half brothers are anything to go by which is worrying as I only just fit on the car seat now. My brother was sharing with me his stories of being prodded and poked by the vet as well and we compared notes. I got on particularly well with one of my sisters, she was really fun to be with. We played lots of games and tried out some agility. It is a bit daunting going through a dark tunnel on your own the first time but I soon found it was quite fun. I don’t think I stopped running round all afternoon.

Missing tea

By the time I got back in the car I was ready to curl up and sleep all the way home. I was so tired that when we got in despite it being tea time I went straight off to sleep again and forgot I hadn’t had any food, though I had been eating treats all afternoon as bribery to get me to do things. I wish my brothers and sisters could come round here to play, perhaps I could get my mistress to invite them sometime. It would be nice to show them all my forest and play hide and seek amongst the trees.

Reading all that did make me rather wish I could see my family. Mama hoped our move meant I was going to live near her in Switzerland. I really wish I could, it would be so nice. Mum says she’s still hoping we’re going to be able to spend more time over there, but she doesn’t feel it’s safe to do a lot of travelling yet. Ah well, maybe soon.