Countdown – Sunday 27th June 2021


We are on a countdown to moving out of our house. We now have less than four weeks until the removals people come to take all our things away. You just wouldn’t believe the arguments we’re having.

“You can’t pack that. What if I need it?” That was me as Mum packed my dressing gown. She made the point that most dogs don’t have a dressing gown and it is a luxury that I can live without for a while. I do understand that point in theory, but I’m a girl who likes a bit of luxury.

Then there was the grief of Aristotle as Mum started packing up all his books. He sleeps in a room which has bookshelves all around the walls. He doesn’t actually read many of them, but he says being surrounded by books makes him feel clever.

A slight problem

You may have noticed that I’ve only said we’re counting down to moving out. We aren’t counting down to moving into our new house yet. We’re going to have a time in between. Mum says she’s got it covered, but she won’t tell us exactly what’s happening yet. If I’m being honest I think she might be pretending more confidence in her plan than she’s actually got. She keeps telling us to take one day at a time and everything will be fine. If she doesn’t tell me soon I’m planning to check myself in for a trip to stay with Dad in Switzerland. At least I travel on a Swiss passport so it’s easier for me. I’m sure Dad would be pleased to see me. Although maybe not if I turn up on my own.

In the meantime I’m going to keep as far out of the way as possible in case I get packed.



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