All this fresh air – Friday 4th June 2021

All this fresh air

All this fresh air can make a girl sleepy. It’s funny, Mum is ready to get up in a morning before I am now. She still has to go down to let Shadow out but I just sleep through that. The other morning she said it was lovely sitting outside at 5.15am listening to the birds and enjoying the stillness. Funnily enough I said I thought it was quite nice still being snuggled up in bed at that time.


Mum says we are now counting down to when we have to move out of our house. There seems to be a bit of the jigsaw missing from what I can see as she hasn’t said we are counting down to moving into our new house. She doesn’t know exactly when that bit will be yet so there may be a bit in the middle. I have absolutely no idea how all that is going to work, but I’m sure she has it covered somehow. I really don’t take up a lot of room and I’ll share her bed if it’s easier.

Something tells me life might get a little bit stressful around here. In that situation I know that my job is to help Mum relax and I shall do it to the best of my ability. I need to take her out for a walk every day too. That will help.

Today’s excitement

This is as good as it gets around here at the moment. Today Mum wants to clear out the things behind the summerhouse. There are all sorts of redundant gardening things, like the strawberry planter. The thing she’s most concerned about is what creepy crawlies have moved in. I’m planning to sit and watch and laugh at her when something spooks her.