An interview with Hendrix – Friday 18th June 2021

An Interview with Hendrix

It’s Friday so something a little different, today we have an interview with Hendrix. Hendrix is one of my Entlebucher friends. He is so handsome. He’s very much the sort of boy I go for, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I asked him if he’d answer a few questions so you can all get to know him better. For your enjoyment here is my interview with Hendrix. You can see from the pictures how good looking he is.

Tell us a little about yourself. Name / Age / Where you were born / Where you live now.

My name is Hendrix, or Auksison Swiss Tricolor to my mum. I am 7 years old and I was born in the Czech Republic but now live in Devon, England.  When I came to England, I travelled over 1000 miles in 2 or 3 days to get to my home. I was the first born of my mum’s first litter and my mum, breeder and humans say this makes me special but I knew I was special anyway!

 What are your favourite things?

Sausages, cheese, ice cream, the beach, my Boomer ball, touching my humans, being nosey, steak, BBQ (or the meat machine as I call it) roast dinners, fruit, yoghurt. Can you see a theme here??

 Where do you most like going for a walk?

I’m pretty happy any time I get to go out for a sniff around but I do love the beach, perhaps because it often involves ice cream! I find that if I sit and intensely stare at the humans it usually makes them take me for a walk. It’s best to do this every day though just in case they forget. Otherwise, I’ll happily go wherever my walker takes me. I get to go out with her when the humans are working long days. I love going out with my walker.

 So Hendrix – do you have a favourite sleeping place and if so where is it and what do you like about it?

I have my own room at home. When the humans bought the house it was described as a utility room – whatever that is! It’s my room now and it’s got my bed, a mat, underfloor heating for the winter to keep me warm and an air conditioning unit for the summer to keep me cool! 

As much as I like having my own room, I’d rather be on the bed with the humans. That only happens when we have people staying over or go away somewhere, which clearly hasn’t happened for a while!

During the day I alternate where I sleep. Sometimes the sofa in the lounge or the conservatory, preferably touching at least 1 human, or I have a bed in both my humans’ home offices. If the fire’s on you can usually find me on my mat in front of it.

 Where do you like to go on holiday?

I like going down to Cornwall, Perranporth in particular, yes you guessed it, lots of beaches and ice cream! When we get close and I know where I am I like to cry to tell my humans to hurry up and let me out!! We stay at a nice little holiday site with wooden lodges and hot tubs. Apparently I’m not allowed in the hot tub, I can’t imagine why! 

I also go on holiday with a nice family when the humans go away without me but don’t feel sad for me – I’m spoilt rotten when I’m there! I get to sleep on the bed with the humans, play with their dogs, get roast dinners, trips to the beach and cups of tea. When I come home I like to sleep for a couple of days (the humans say I’m jet lagged too!) and then the good news is I’m ready for anything again.

Your humans spoil you rotten most of the time, but are there ways they could improve?

I think my meals should always include sausages, cheese and ice cream, and more in general. 

I think my room should be moved to the humans’ room and I should be allowed to sleep up there all the time.  And I want my boomer ball back!  It’s my favourite toy and I love nothing more than chasing it round the garden constantly.  Unfortunately I have some elbow dysplasia issues meaning I have to be careful about how much I do and this year I had TPLO surgery on my right knee after damaging it last year so it’s been out of action for a while.  I know where my boomer is though and keep hanging around near it to hint to the humans…

 Training – what things have you simply refused to go along with human expectations?

For some reason I’ve never taken to ‘lie down’.  I do some doggy push-ups sometimes to help with my elbows and I am happy to lie down and stand up when following treats, but I have never been interested in being told to lie down.

And as much as I now love swimming I really hated water when I was younger to the point that I was taken to canine hydrotherapy for water confidence and had to be lifted in the first time… Hydrotherapy became a regular thing though due to the problems with my elbows and the surgery and I love it now, though if I’m swimming or walking/trotting in the treadmill I need to have a squeaky toy in my mouth!

Despite this I am still very suspicious of the hose pipe and paddling pool when they come out at home, unless my boomer ball is in the pool I avoid going near it! I also avoid puddles, but take me to the river or canal and I’m straight in.

I also like to rooo at anyone that comes onto or gets too close to my drive despite being told daily not to. Sometimes I do a warning bark which makes the humans think someone is coming to the door – there isn’t but it’s fun to mess with the humans like that!

 Finally, what tips do you have for the young pups out there? How can they get their humans to do exactly as they want?

It has to be puppy dog eyes! Even though I’m now seven I still have this mastered and it works! The other thing is to drool. If the humans are eating something that I think I would like and it’s not coming to me quickly enough I unleash my drool fangs just to let them know that I’m ready for the food now. 

Being stubborn also helps wear them down, sitting very close and staring at them for a long time, and if they still don’t get the hint, climb on them!

And lastly, picking up on their routines, when they put their shoes on, they must be taking you for a walk right? When they open a cupboard, they should be getting you a treat.  Stand near your food when you know it’s dinner time, paw at them when they stop stroking you.  You’ll soon get them trained properly!

That brings to an end our interview with Hendrix – our sincere thanks to him for answering our questions. Those are great answers. If any of my other friends would like to answer some questions then please let me know. We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.