Power Tools – Monday 21st June 2021

Power Tools

Dogs don’t use power tools. For some reason humans don’t think we’d be safe with them. I think different breeds of dog would use them in different ways, but that’s another story. Can you imagine letting a Jack Russell loose with drill? Humans on the other paw are also probably not safe, but that’s not the point I want to make. With some humans (naming no names) having power tools is more important than using them.

A while ago Mum needed something drilling. She is not a fan of power tools as she doesn’t trust herself. She thinks she’s clumsy, I just think there’s a risk she’d go crazy with them, but be that as it may. She found a drill in the garage and asked Dad to help.

How many drills?

After careful consideration, Dad concluded that the drill needed a special tool to change the drill bit and he didn’t have one. He apologised and said his main drill was in Switzerland. For the record he doesn’t use it there, it’s just there in case he needs it. Anyway, not wanting this to become a shaggy dog story, yesterday when packing, Mum found another drill.

It wasn’t in the shed where the tools live. It wasn’t under the stairs where the other tools live. Oh no, it was in the bottom of Dad’s wardrobe. Why it was there no one knows – not even Dad. The good news is that it doesn’t need a special tool to change the drill bit – but sadly Mum can’t actually remember what it was that needed drilling.

Outdoor dog

At heart I am essentially an outdoor dog. I love the back door being open in the summer. Ari loves it too. Whereas he lies on the floor just inside the back door looking out, I prefer to stretch out on the paving outside and look in. I am happy there for ages just letting the world go by and listening to what’s going on. Mum has promised she’ll sort a spot out where I can do that after we move, but has said it won’t be like that to begin with, which will be a shame.



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