Hormones – Thursday 1st July 2021


Hormones can be a problem whatever type of animal you are. For us dogs they lead to all sorts of issues. Poor Izzy is in the middle of a phantom pregnancy. Our hormones follow a similar pattern for our cycles regardless of whether we are actually pregnant of not. Some dogs as a result end up thinking they are pregnant when they are not and go through all the feelings that go with it. Mum says that happened once with Aunty Megan. In the same way as this time with Izzy it was after Aunty Megan had had an unsuccessful mating. Despite the scans telling her otherwise, she was quite sure she was pregnant. It’s very disappointing to have to accept you’re not when it gets like that.

Babeli and her puppies

Babeli, as I told you, had her puppies a few weeks ago. Now as a result of her hormones she is feeling very protective towards them and doesn’t really want other adult dogs around. That’s pretty hard as there are two others in her household, including her own mother. Shadow looked a bit sheepish when I told her. She said with her four litters she got worse every time. The first litter she allowed Alfie to be in the same room right from the start. After that she let him in after a day or two. Her final litter she flew at him when he tried to come near. She feels bad about it looking back, but it’s too later for her to apologise.

On balance I can see there may have been some benefits for me in not having puppies. At least I don’t have to go through all the hormone imbalances that breeding girls do. We’d just like to send lots of love to both Izzy and Babeli.