Tough Choices – Wednesday 30th June 2021

Tough choices

Mum says we’re faced with some tough choices until we move into our new house. Given we don’t have a date yet, there is going to be a time when we won’t have a house to live in. She’s explained to us that renting somewhere with three dogs is almost impossible. At that point of the conversation I was feeling sorry for Shadow and Aristotle. I was naturally assuming that whatever happens I will be with Mum. She asked us all to be grown up dogs and help her decide how things will work. She has found somewhere to stay for at least some of the time which means one of us can be with her.


Then she started to talk about how hard things are for Shadow given she’s nearly 12 and a half and deaf. Mum doesn’t think that Shadow should have to spend too long in kennels. Aristotle put his paw up and said he really didn’t mind where he was as long as he could see Mum sometimes and knew it wouldn’t be for too long. What could I say after that? I wanted to shout that I had to be with her and that I couldn’t possibly be expected to be apart from her. Shadow of course just nodded her head as she couldn’t hear a word of what was going on.


Mum thinks that maybe Shadow and I can take turns to be with her. She has suggested that she can come and spend time with us at the kennels too. I said she could stay in kennels with us, but sadly it doesn’t work like that. Now I really wish I’d gone back to Switzerland with Dad. I really hope it isn’t going to be for too long. I think Mum will miss me as much as I miss her.



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