The Skip is Back – Tuesday 5th April 2022

The skip is back

Well, the skip is back and we’ve got work to do. In my case that involves helping myself to spare sticks before they get taken away. Mum had some large branches to move yesterday and did wonder if she could tie them to me and Ari and get us to pull them along. We didn’t think it was as good an idea as she did. Quite honestly, I don’t think the skip looks nearly big enough for everything they are trying to get in it, but then I could be wrong. I’m not an expert in skipping – at least not that sort.

Near Disaster

There was a near disaster involving Shadow and the pond. Mum has put fencing around some of the pond. She has already extended it once as Shadow was wandering the other side of it. Well, it happened again yesterday. Mum wasn’t watching Shadow and she’d wandered to the other side of the fence and then was stuck. Mum was trying to guide her back around, but thinking I was helping I went to join Shadow. It would have worked out fine if Aristotle hadn’t picked that moment to pounce on his mother. Shadow stepped away and had one leg disappearing over the edge at the point Mum grabbed her.

More fencing

Needless to say Mum is going to do some more fencing. She still has three panels she can use. If that’s not enough then she will need to buy some more. It’s either that or Shadow being on a lead at all times. I think it may be coming to that but it does seem something of a shame. It’s important to keep her safe and that might be the only way. Although if she’s on a lead she won’t want Aristotle around so Mum can’t win really.



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