Red Sky in the Morning – Sunday 4th July 2021

Red Sky in the Morning

When Mum took Shadow out yesterday she came back to bed and told me there was a red sky. I didn’t get the point of what she was saying, so she told me about ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning’. I pointed out that I didn’t actually know any shepherds and in any case I’d be more interested in the sheep. At that point she gave up on me and explained it meant it was going to rain. And it did! Thankfully, Mum is as bothered by rain as I am – as in – not at all! We still sorted out the things in the garden, we just got wet doing it. Aristotle grumbled, but then he really is a fair weather dog. I, on the other paw, spent a lot of the day sitting outside.

Outside is best

You can start to understand why outside is best from the picture. The boxes have now started to encroach on the office. Mum was leaving the office until one of the last places to be packed, but it turned out that packing the store cupboard spilled over into the office itself. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but at one point Mum pulled out a bookcase and you would not believe the cobwebs and dead flies behind it.

It gets worse

It gets worse though. Once she finishes the store cupboard today then she says we have to do my room. As long as she doesn’t want me to throw anything away it will probably be ok. I did let her throw out the cushion we accidentally played tug with while we were in kennels last week. It sort of exploded but I have no idea how it happened. What was funny was that Mum actually blamed herself. She didn’t shred it, but she said she shouldn’t have sent us with that one as she knows what happens. We didn’t get told off at all. Result!



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