Apple Harvest – Thursday 21st October 2021


Apple harvest

I’ve been helping with the apple harvest. There’s no way the humans can eat that much apple, so I’m sure they won’t mind. As fast as they have been collecting them all, I’ve been working alongside eating some. Ari is such a wimp. Every time he got caught he’d drop the apple he was holding and say it was a fair cop. As for me, well I just ran off around the corner of the house where I couldn’t be seen. The only small problem is that I do seem to have a touch of wind. I’m not stupid, I was eating the eating apples and not the cooking ones.

One too many

I may have had one too many. You know those times when you say ‘never again’ and as soon as you’re well you fall off the wagon? Well I suspect it’s going to be like that. By the time Mum and Dad go out later to bring some more in then I see no reason why I shouldn’t pick up exactly where I left off yesterday. It’s going to take a while to bring them all in so I should have the opportunity for plenty of excess.

Stormy day

Yesterday morning was so stormy. First of all, even the grey sky was very pink and Mum said that was a bad sign. There was one point when it was sunny at the front but if you went to the back of the house the sky was completely black. Mum brought us inside and it was a good job she did. The next thing we knew there was thunder and lightning and so much rain it was like someone turned a tap on. Hopefully today will be much better and we can enjoy being outside much more.