Scaring Mum – Friday 22nd October 2021

Scaring Mum

I spent part of yesterday scaring Mum. Mum was cutting the grass and to begin with I was happy to chase Aristotle and eat apples. Chasing Aristotle is not as much fun as it sounds. He doesn’t run away. I sort of run the other way and then come back and charge into him, but I find it fun and he doesn’t complain. Anyway, after I’d been caught in the act of eating apples – again, Mum told me to spit out what was in my mouth. That was when the trouble began.

A bee

It was a large bumble bee. Mum didn’t know whether to go to fetch some sugar water to resuscitate the bee or to check my mouth hadn’t been stung. I’m proud to say that even though it was rather my fault, she did put me first. Thankfully, it hadn’t stung me. Even better, the bee recovered from the experience as well. Mum has suggested I might like to learn a lesson from that one, but I bet I don’t.


Normally it’s one of us going for our vaccinations, but today it’s Mum’s turn. She’s having her flu jab. Dad has already had his. She doesn’t mind the vaccination but she still doesn’t really want to be around people, so she’s a bit worried. I offered to go with her. She normally goes to hold our paws so I thought it would be only fair, but apparently that’s not allowed unless I wait in the car and there doesn’t seem much point in that. I suppose I could try being her navigator. She hasn’t been to the surgery before so isn’t completely sure of where to go. I’ve never been all that good at map reading though, so maybe not. I’ll leave it to the satnav.